The Systematic Trader Book

Know Exactly The Most Trending Stocks To Trade. Buy And Sell Using A Time-Tested System. Manage Your Risk Like A Professional Fund Manager.

You will also learn:
  • How to make up to 150% returns using this methodology
  • How you can prevent large losses when investing and trading
  • The steps that I took to pay off my $250,000 debt (9% interest) in 18 months
  • Additional shorter-term strategies to trade for an income of 3% – 20% within 5 days
  • To 3X your trading potential when a good trade is found

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Collin Seow

Mr. Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) and holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. He is a member of MENSA Singapore and Technical Analyst Society Institute (TASS). A regular speaker at numerous conferences and seminars, he was recently invited to speak at both the Shares Investment Conference and the MetaStock Conference 2011.

He is a bi-weekly Columnist of Shares Investment Publications and has been featured in the book titled “Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders” which is in The Straits Times national bestseller list for 21 weeks.

Collin combines his unique brand of “street-smarts with heart” in trading. He owns a popular blog at

What Our Readers Are Saying

The Systematic Trader helps traders understand what is most important to make excellent trades and investments in markets. Learn how to focus on the things that professional traders and investors do so you can make yours the best.

Mike Bellafiore

Co-Founder, SMB Capital

Collin has been at the forefront of trading education, contributing various articles to many media channels, including Shares Investment. With his new book, Collin takes trading education to the next level.

Simeon Ang

Editor of Tradable, Shares Investment

This book contains the two most important topics in trading— trading a plan and framing a winning mindset. Do yourself a favour by understanding these and you will avoid the money losing traps in trading.

Ng Ee Hwa

Director, Chartnexus

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